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"Children must be taught how to think, not what to think."

– Margaret Mead

Abukutsa Arts Academy

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a learning environment conducive to students formal and informal learning that meets the individual student at his or her level of learning. We seek to serve all students including students with diverse needs in Kenya and around the world, by providing opportunities for them to realize their potential as contributing citizens and life-long learners.


In cooperation with students, parents and community, we are committed to helping each student acquire academic and artistic skills, prepare for the world of work, in all areas of the universal work force from the corporate to the entertainment world and while doing so, develop attributes of citizenship necessary in a democratic global society.

Johnston Abukutsa Family
Johnston Abukutsa
Johnston Abukutsa and his brothers

The Abukutsa Arts Academy will be named after Johnston Likokhe Abukutsa.

Johnston Abukutsa was a career librarian who had a passion for education. He was the founding member of the Kenya Library Association, for which he received a posthumous recognition. He was an author of a number of books and manuscripts as well as an editor for books and conference proceedings.


Raised by a mother who did not go to school, Johnston attended Alliance High School, a prestigious institution for high performing students. He was an avid scholar and footballer. He received a Bachelor’s Degree from Kings College, UK, followed by a Masters from Queens University, Belfast, Northern Ireland.


He was married to Esther Khabetsa Abukutsa, together they raised eight children, on their modest salaries, all of whom they educated to adulthood. Johnston was a principled educator who, not only instilled the value of education to his children, but went beyond that to ensure that other children who had no means to education were not denied the same.  He lived by the mantra “Education is the key that opens the doors of opportunity”. The legacy he has left will continue to flourish in the educational institution named in his honor, Abukutsa Arts Academy.

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